What does a Masonic Lodge look like?

Just like any organization it has a leadership team, these leaders are called officers. The principle officers are the Master and, Senior and Junior, Wardens. Additionally there are the Secretary, Treasurer, Senior and Junior Deacons, Senior and Junior Stewards, and Tyler. These officers all have a place or station within the lodge room. The Master in the East, Senior Warden in the West, and Junior Warden in the South. The other officers's places are based off their duties and the principle officers's stations. Each lodge also has many symbols such as the Square and Compass, the 'G', an altar, pillars, rods, and insignia of the offices.

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The Square teaches masons to square their actions by the square of virtue.



Reminds masons to circumscribe and keep us within bounds with all mankind.


The By-Laws of a Lodge state the meeting times and days for it's stated (monthly) communications (meetings) and how misconduct will be treated and…