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There are many wonderful resources online and in person.

Iowa Masonic Library and Museum

The closest one to Iowa City is the Grand Lodge of Iowa, A.F. & A.M. Library and Museums in Cedar Rapids. This beautiful marble building sits on First Avenue in Cedar Rapids. This Library and Museum was built in 1884 and was the first Masonic Library in the world, the current building was built in 1952 on the same site as the original. The Iowa Masonic Library and Museums is considered the best Masonic Library in North America and one of the best worldwide. It houses more than 150,000 volumes both with masonic and non-masoinc content.

Local Masonic Building

312 College St. just past East of the Public Library on the Ped-Mall sits a large building two building down on the North side of the street. This building is where all the items in the exhibits on this site are from. There is contact information at the building and if you ever want a tour, just let me know. laurens@lvanbeek.com


Googling Freemasonry will give you everything from true copies of ritual work to crazy conspiracies. But reading both still not give you the true meaning of Masonry, the only thing that will do that is by going through the ritual yourself. The most common example of masonic ritual is the Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor.